Marathon Traveling

Found this press release from the 2009 Rome Marathon race. Well, the 2023 addition of the race is rapidly approaching and the […]

Post Covid race plans

I don’t know about you, but after a full year of pandemic induced anxiety, worldwide lockdowns and a half dozen asthma hospitalizations, […]

Blast from the past

A sign of the times, I guess. As with other large sporting events worldwide, foot races of all kinds and sizes have […]

Please…..Not the Knees!

Call me nieve, or maybe a just a wishful thinker, but I figured that because I’ve had to live my entire life […]

Watch out Canada

To celebrate reaching my 64th year despite crippling asthma, and to satisfy an itch for getting out there one more time, I’ll […]

Yes, I still walk

Found these in my closet today. Sure brings back a lot of memories, mostly good ones. They were my very first pair […]

I almost forgot who I am

I’m so much more than just the quirky little dude with bad lungs. I’m the original badass asthmatic. I made the words […]