Training update Aug 2014

Dang… I haven’t written one of the training updates in years. Trying to get in shape to do this race has been […]

Uh-oh… He’s at it again

Tell me that I can’t do something and it’s a pretty sure bet that I’ll find a way to prove you wrong. […]

Plan B

Yesterday I completed my final “test” walk in a series of trial walks that started a month ago to see if training […]

Training Complete!

Taking a short break during an 18 miler on the Golden Gate bridge to mug for the camera. Rather than rehash what […]

No Cowbells for Stephen

You train hard and wait months in anticipation to accomplish a goal you’ve been aiming for, and then BAM! ….in a matter […]

Running on empty

I actually had something else prepared for this weeks post, but since there’s a good chance I’ll be heading to the slammer […]

Yes…I still racewalk, but

While it’s true that Ive cut way back on my walking in general (my mileage total is way down compared to last […]

A matter of timing

Sometimes when I’m suffering from bouts of dyspnea, I’ll divert my attention by writing about it …. or I should say… bitching […]

Training notes

Well, only 5 weeks left till the Portland marathon , and I’m happy to report that for once, I’m on track with […]

Back on track with 16

After trashing my legs and my lungs at the SF marathon two weeks ago, I finally felt well enough this past Saturday […]

Walking to a beat

…..I’m in the green and wanted to have a little fun for a change, so I took some of the training clips […]