Please…..Not the Knees!

Call me nieve, or maybe a just a wishful thinker, but I figured that because I’ve had to live my entire life […]

Boston 2011 Race Report

They don’t call it the best marathon in the world for nothing , and this year was no exception. The weather was […]

Training Complete!

Taking a short break during an 18 miler on the Golden Gate bridge to mug for the camera. Rather than rehash what […]

Behind that finish line smile

Ok, so I look really strong in some of my finish line photos, but believe me.. looks can be very very deceiving. […]

What is it?

Saturday I did my alternate week 10 mile LSD, and for the 2nd long walk in a row now, I had knee […]

Taming one of the Beasts

Out of the last 32 days, maybe 7 of them were good breathing days. This is a bit of a downward trend […]

Fellow Bloggers know Best

Thanks, Vickie, Anita , Annette , Lora and Rick ..for caring enough to leave comments on my last post. I want you […]

18 down, 8.2 to go

Here are a couple pictures I snapped during my 18 mile training walk, which brought me through the Sea Cliff area of […]

easy does it…………..maybe!

Thanks everyone !! for answering the call. I’ve already implemented most of your suggestions, including; Potassium Gluconate supplements and ” Salt Stick […]

Advise Please

Ok, The Portland Marathon is only 8 weeks away and I’m still not sure if my legs will hold out for a […]