The green shoes are back.

Who hoo…scored! Remember the Asics Hyperspeed II and III’s that I had, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones […]

Boston Wardrobe

A few changes and some new additions to my racing apparel for the upcoming marathon. Starting with the shoes… On Dave Mc […]

2010 Boston Swag on the cheap

Remember my Boston marathon jacket from 2009? Well, with the high cost of anything related to the “Boston” . You should see […]

Your mileage may vary

Well, despite a few minor setbacks, I still managed to end the year with883 miles walked. A drop of almost 400 miles […]

Fancy Smancy Walking Vest

Check out my new walking jacket. I can’t tell you how long Ive searched for a sleeveless jersey or jacket with pockets, […]

Take me to your Leader!

…. ” And would it be asking too much, if you could beam me up to your space craft and zap me […]

Pre-Boston swag

Most of the marathon attire that Ive accumulated over the last 3 years usually ends up in a duffel bag crammed in […]

Its Shoe time!

It’s time once again to decide on a shoe to wear for this years long training walks ,and of course , the […]

Taking Inventory

I currently have 7 pairs of racewalking shoes, 26 pairs of Defeet cycling socks ( my favorite), 8 pairs of running shorts, […]

eye catching

NB rc152 It’s the end of a shoe era and I’m kinda sad. New Balance finally did away with my beloved rc550’s […]

More Fitness Toys

Finally got a chance to visit with my Mom and sister in San Jose. We had a nice lunch and my Mom […]

Shoes – Before

These are my 550’s brand new out of the box. Related Posts:The green shoes are back.Green or Orange? Your mileage may varyNew […]