Dead Last

Got my finishers certificate and the official results book for the 2010 Boston marathon in the mail today. Out of the 23,177 […]

Boston marathon video highlights

Rather than bore you with a mile-by-mile account of everything that happened during this entire 7 hour-17 minute very fun but challenging, […]

Race results

Took a while, but I finally got my race results for the San Jose Rock&Roll half….3:08:22 For some reason the results of […]

Mikes Story

If you get a chance, read Facebook page. Related Posts:2009 Boston marathon trip/race reportBoston 2011 Race ReportTraining Complete!Boston marathon video highlightsIn good […]

My first 5K

Some of the cool things about doing a short 5K walk is, # 1. It’s easy to bring your camera along. #2. […]

SF Marathon 2007

You might not know it by looking at these pictures, but this was not a good race for me. I felt fine […]

On a wing and a prayer

Just got back from Portland and I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging. So, for those of you waiting on the edge […]

Two Afternoons after

OK , now that my endorphin level has finally dropped to normal and there’s nothing in my system to mask the pain, […]