I still have it !

Whatever IT is, I must still have it, because today I walked 10 miles. And I couldn’t be happier about IT! I […]

Off to the Burgh for the SARP

I’m a lab rat…. and proud of it ! Later today I’m off to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the Sally Wenzel . She’s […]

Laying low, but staying busy

Nothing really interesting going on since I got out of the hospital. Though Ive taken a couple of short slow walks, overall […]

Night walking

This past weekend Douglas and I decided that rather than stay home and watch the same old crap on Sunday night television, […]

Better luck next time

I thought Las Vegas was fabulous as usual, but apparently my lungs didn’t share the same view, and as a result, I […]

Take me to your Leader!

…. ” And would it be asking too much, if you could beam me up to your space craft and zap me […]

A good weekend

Had a great weekend, one of the best actually, in quite some time. On Saturday I was breathing so well, that I […]

Change of plans

Last Saturday I did my first post-hospital semi long training walk for the new racing season, but it turned out to be […]

It aint all bad

Despite all the difficult times, I’m very lucky to call this place my home. Close enough to the city center , so […]

Mikes Story

If you get a chance, read Facebook page. Related Posts:2009 Boston marathon trip/race reportBoston 2011 Race ReportTraining Complete!Boston marathon video highlightsIn good […]