Mixing pleasure with business

With almost 2 hours to kill in between medical appointments last week over at UCSF, I decided to put that otherwise wasted […]

Farewell Jim

I just want to take a few moments to honor the life of a good, kind person. His name is Jim Cady. […]

I still have it !

Whatever IT is, I must still have it, because today I walked 10 miles. And I couldn’t be happier about IT! I […]

Night walking

This past weekend Douglas and I decided that rather than stay home and watch the same old crap on Sunday night television, […]

A good weekend

Had a great weekend, one of the best actually, in quite some time. On Saturday I was breathing so well, that I […]

Change of plans

Last Saturday I did my first post-hospital semi long training walk for the new racing season, but it turned out to be […]

It aint all bad

Despite all the difficult times, I’m very lucky to call this place my home. Close enough to the city center , so […]

13 miles…. but at what price ?

OK, I’m starting to get a little frustrated. Ive been doing everything by the book in training for the upcoming marathon in […]

Marathon training starts now

With my health kinda all over the place and now with the crummy weather , it’s been really tough to set an […]

A special day on the Bay

(Dan, Millicent, and yours truly at Aquatic Park) Usually , I do my City walks alone, but yesterday was special because I […]