Last Saturday I did my first post-hospital semi long training walk for the new racing season, but it turned out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. I was pretty much breathless the entire distance and had to terminate the walk at mile 7 instead of mile 8 as planned. Since my lungs tend to dictate how far and fast I can walk, it looks like the San Francisco (1/2) marathon is NOT going to happen for me this year. My lungs are just too screwed up right now to tackle a 13 mile walk. That last flare up really did a number on my body, and with less than 4 weeks to prepare, there’s no way Id be able to pull it off. I’m a little bummed, because I really thought Id be healthy enough, to not only do the race, but also be able to push myself hard enough to PR it.
I may, as the date approaches, sign up to do the 5K or progressive marathon just for fun. A lot of my friends do the various races at the SF marathon every year and it would be nice to at least hook up with them.

SF Marathon 2008 012

( My buddy Brandon and I at last years race)

Assuming my lungs cooperate and I’m able to get myself back in the groove, my next real race will be the ET midnight marathon on August 8th. Once again though, I’ll probably downgrade to the 10K , because I don’t wanna stress myself too much until Ive had a chance to recondition. Last year I did the 1/2 marathon , but I think considering the environment, it was a bit too much for me. The 1/2 marathon course goes basically up the side of mountain for 7 miles and then down for 6.
The plan this year, is to fly out to Las Vegas the day of the event and then rent a car for the drive out to the actual race site. It will definitely be more tiring to do it this way, but I’ll have the flexibly of coming and going as I please and wont have to sit on a cramped bus for 3 hours.

I’m still mulling over my race choices for the fall. Some of the best races around here occur in October, November and December.

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