Found this interesting and informative article about Dr Sally Wenzel, and why she decided to get involved in severe asthma research. It gets a little technical in the middle , but well worth the read.

The more I hear about this amazing women and all of her contributions to the study of this disease, the more excited I am to meet her and become one of her research subjects.

Here’s the article from 2008 Closing the loop on Asthma, Sally Wenzel

(Scroll down to pg.21)

As Dr Wenzel jokingly told me the other day;
A little MORE closing the loop still needs to happen. That is why I am so excited that I will get to meet you and have you personally participate in closing the loop.”

Wouldn’t that be something, if my DNA did actually help close the loop?

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One thought on “Closing the loop on Asthma–Sally Wenzel

  1. kerri says:

    Very cool article. [I read all of it except for the aforementioned technical bit in the middle that confused the heck out of me heh.]
    She sounds awesome, and I too can't wait until you get to meet her (and of course, bring the experience back to the blog!)

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