Didn’t I just blog about my 133rd hospitalization for asthma? Well make that 134 now. This is getting F’ing ridiculous.

This latest flare wasn’t triggered by some massive chest infection or the flu, but by a simple cold….aka Rhinovirus.
Id been feeling pretty decent in recent weeks, but just like millions of other people during flu season…. I caught a cold. I didn’t even think it was that severe. I had a runny nose, a mild sore throat and head congestion, but no major fevers or body aches. As luck would have it though, my lungs decided to get in on the act and 4 days later I ended up on a ventilator in respiratory failure, spending Christmas in the hospital.

Overall though, I emerged from this exacerbation fairly unscathed. My asthma responded well to treatment, and other than the usual steroid withdrawals and the lingering effects of the cold, I’ve almost fully recovered now. Still, spending 9 more days of my life in a hospital intensive care unit because of asthma and a cold isn’t cause for celebration. Hopefully 2018 will bring fewer of these severe exacerbations.

Moral of the story, if you have asthma or any chronic lung condition, you are at a much higher risk for complications from a cold or the flu. Even if you’ve had the flu shot ( which wasn’t very effective this year), don’t mess around. Contact your doctor right away if your asthma starts acting up.

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4 thoughts on “A common cold with not so common asthma

  1. Kristi says:

    I’m sorry you have been back in “jail”. I hope you are feeling better. I had read that you had started the Dupilumab, and I’m hoping it helps you. I started Nucala last April and it’s been a godsend for me. I also want to say that I appreciate your blog, it has been very helpful. Thank you for taking time to write your blog and also, thanks for the PSA re; colds/flu

    1. Maeve O'Connell says:

      I ve just found your blog as I am recovering from a severe asthma attack following a cold/ flu and looking for others with a shared experience. I’m poorly controlled at the moment. The attack happened 5 days ago. Still feeling rubbish. Thanks for sharing your experience here, it’s helpful to read.

      1. Im sorry to hear about your asthma . Though they may vary in intensity, asthma exacerbations can last for weeks. Hope you will gradually feel better.

  2. Jerry Curry says:

    I have been fighting Asthma for years, But I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to be hospitalized because of Asthma..So sad to see you on that state.. 🙁

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