I was turned on to this cool new nebulizer while I was a patient in the hospital last week. I have to say, as a Respiratory Therapist and patient, I really like this thing!

Its called the “AeroEclipse” ( from the same company that manufactures the “Aerochamber”) and its a breath actuated nebulizer. It uses a demand valve so that the medication is only nebulized during inspiration. (You can also set it to nebulize continuously) . I’ve noticed that this thing nebulizes much faster than a conventional neb.

These nebs are probably a little more pricey than the standard cheap o- disposable nebs, but I think they’re worth every penny. I highly recommend this one.

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One thought on “Cool new Neb

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Oooooh. I want one; I want one! Does it work with the deVilbiss compressor?

    On a completely different ntoe, I have been wondering why you don’t get more comments on your blog. You update a lot, have common themes that should be easily found by searches on “asthma” or ‘racewalking”… I don’t get it. More people should be reading your blog.

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