Now that I have a few miles under my belt, I have a pretty comfortable walking routine that I do on a daily basis, usually in the morning( lungs permitting)

My walk consists of a loop around the town of Crockett across the Al Zampa Bridge and back. Appx 50 % of this course is on a gradual incline. I also incorporate a 10 minute stretch period somewhere along the walk. Total Distance of the walk = 5 miles, Total time varies 1:10 to 1:30

When I’m finished with the walk, I do 10 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes abdominal strengthening and then take a breathing treatment if needed.

On a good day I will take one neb tx ( nebulized medication treatment) before I leave.
Then possibly one or two puffs from the inhaler mid- way ( especially after the hills) Some days I don’t need the inhaler at all.

On a bad day, I will take a neb tx before leaving, then I reduce my walk to 2 miles with frequent rest interval, then I will take another neb after the walk.

On a bad bad day, I cant walk at all.

< On iffy days, I will take a neb tx before I leave, walk appx 1/2 mile, then see how I feel. I guess most of my days are" iffy" days. Its always pretty much a wait and see thing. Even though I may feel fine when I wake up in the morning, I never really know for sure how a walk is going to effect me. So, I pre-medicate, start off my walk slowly then I re-assess after the first 1/2 mile. If I feel OK, chances are I can continuing walking for several miles without major problems. If not, I stop and crawl home gasping for air.

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