Thought my fellow asthmatics might get a kick out of this.

A few days ago I chatting with friend and famous asthma researcher , Dr. Sally Wenzel , and I had mentioned to her how I wasn’t feeling that great , and how I had just upped my pred to 50mg in an attempt to stave off a prison stay. I told her I feared that if the pred didn’t do the trick that Id probably end up in the slammer, but that I would try to hold off from going in as long as possible.

This was her response :

” Grrr. Sorry you are on the high dose pred at the moment! We need to TRY the Qvar in you, for sure. MIGHT limit the bumps (might not, but won’t know until we try). Funny, your words on prison, slammer, not going until you really need to, etc, are SOOOO typical!!!! Sometimes I think you guys must all get together and come up with the lingo. There really is a “severe asthma personality” I think!”

Well fellow asthmatics……. I think the jinx is up ! She’s wise to us …..

Actually…….She’s an awesome Asthma-tologist ! ……. (I just made that one up right now)

Btw…The the evil candy did it’s job and I was able to avoid that incarceration. The trick now, is to wean off that poison without backsliding.

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11 thoughts on “Darn…..and I thought I was unique!

  1. Hehe this is so true, my respiratory nurse is the same, shes been on to me for years to come in sooner…. The truth is we never learn and think we have it all under control… hmmm yer right.

      1. I’ll forever remember my first day of university because it’s 09/09/09! Awesome possum! (I used to say that all the time at work, and one of my kindergarteners thought it was the funniest thing ever.)

  2. Hi Stephen, , Okay after sending my last missive, it occurred to me to check the blog and see how you were doing!

    That we all use the same language, incarceration, prison, etc, says much more about what it feels like to have to be there, then it does about us getting together. I have always wondered why doctors don’t get this.

    When I first started practicing law, I was a public defender. I spent a lot of time talking to my clients in a variety of places, including jails. I actually think most jails have a bit more going for them. In a hospital, you have no privacy, you can’t necessarily go to the bathroom by yourself, you are tied to all sorts of machinery, you can’t walk around, you are not in charge of where you go – someone else is, and the food sucks and you have no or little choice about it. At least in prison, mostly, people aren’t sticking things in to you, and you aren’t generally tied to a tether, or two (oxygen and iv’s). Plus, in prison people aren’t filling you with drugs that make you crazy.

    It isn’t that we collaborate, or have the same personality, that causes us to use the terms incarceration, etc. No, it’s the experience that lends those terms to our vocabulary to describe the experience. If people like Dr. Wenzel could work towards changing the experience, then she would be doing a huge, huge service to asthmatics everywhere.

  3. Oh, I think you're still pretty unique, Steve! Who'd keep going the way you do, with all the respiratory stuff you have to deal with? 🙂

    This is a pretty interesting point, tho. It's given me an idea……

  4. Heh… What's so great about QVAR anyway? I actually went to a QVAR confrence in Tel Aviv this past winter. The only thing I remember from it is that it has a slow spray with 53% getting into the lungs. Or something. Which is supposed to be excellent.

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