9 thoughts on “Does your cat do this?

  1. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ahhh man that is great…first the water then sleeping in that sink…geesh that cat fits perfectly in there….

    come on Stephen you know u made that sink custom made for ur cat—I just looked it up online–called a cat sink napper ADD ON—hahaha

    ahhh great video

  2. Cute!!! I don’t have a cat, but my African grey will drink right out of the bathroom faucet…does that count?

  3. Steve, would you brush that cat?! The dangling strand of white fur was driving me nuts! And the answer is no, my cats would never drink out of the faucet. They much perfer “Aqua de Toilet” with it’s full robusty flavor and generous serving bowl.

    Annie will crawl into any small space she can find (shoe boxes, paper bags, etc) and so I wouldn’t be all that surprised to find her lodging in a kitchen sink someday, though I have no intention of allowing her to see the video incase she gets the idea.

  4. Winston is such a cutie-pie. Love him! Please keep on sharing parts of Winston’s World. Thanks. Elizabeth.

  5. When I was a kid we had a cat that would pee down the bath tub drain, she would position herself right over the hole and never missed. I wish we would have had video then. Animals are funny ,they have their own quirks just like people.

  6. I love the Winston vids! He is so darn cute. I have a cat that is a faucet licker too. This video is just priceless!


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