When I heard the news today that there’s a new drug in the pipeline for severe asthma, I about fell out of my chair. When you hear one of the world’s most respected asthma researchers proclaiming that this new drug is a “game changer”, you can’t help but feel a little more optimistic about the future.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette article

This is the first time in 58 years of living with this disease, that I actually feel excited about a new medication. Other than the re-formulation of a few bronchodilators, the mainstay of severe asthma treatment in the last 5O years has pretty much been steroids. Anti Leukotriene drugs like Singulair and the outrageously expensive anti IgE med Xolair came out a few years ago, but those medications are usually only effective in allergic type asthma. Dupilumab works in a totally different way.

Thank you Dr Sally Wenzel, Dr Gianluca Pirozzi, the folks at Sanofi , and everyone else involved in the study for giving us some real hope.

The New England Journal of Medicine’s Report on the findings

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4 thoughts on “Dupilumab , A Game Changer ?

  1. Can I just tell you what a Happy Dance I’m doing?!? I don’t have severe asthma but I do struggle at times to keep my asthma under control so I am all for a new option!

    Since she is your pulmo (isn’t she?) , do you have any insider info on the drug you’d care to share? 😉

    1. Only that I will probably not be a candidate for the drug, as I don’t have eosinophilic asthma. Still, I’m excited because I know other drugs will follow.

  2. Last time we in Europe also had good news – after some difficulties Poland is the first country in this part of world (if not in all world), which makes generic medicines for asthmatics 🙂 For me it is very good, because they are much more cheaper.
    I can’t take Singulair, because I had heavy side effects after it. But – for everyone it is different.
    Greetings for You, I’m hope You are well.

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