th3 and half years ago I wrote about the exciting news regarding a game changing drug called Dupilumab. Dr Wenzel and others believed that this drug was going to revolutionize the way certain forms of severe asthma are treated. Well, very soon now I’ll get to try it out myself! This past week I received word from the makers of the drug, Sanofi, that my request to receive the drug on a compassionate use basis, was being considered.

If approved, myself and one other person will become the first two asthmatics in the world to receive this investigational drug outside of a clinical trial. We’re just waiting now for the FDA to give the green light on the compassionate use waiver. Not sure yet of the dose, or if the injections will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but the drug will be sent directly to UCSF and administered by one of the infusion Nurses.

Dupilumab is a monoclonal anti IL 4-13 drug being developed to treat both atopic dermatitis and severe asthma. Though it’s being tested primarily on asthmatics with high eosinophil counts, it’s also shown promise in those with low eosinophil counts.

No one really knows if the this drug will help me, but it’s a worth a shot (literally), and with few options left, regardless of any potential efficacy, Im thankful for the opportunity to try it out. Not expecting a miracle or anything even close, but if it helps spare me just one hospitalization per year, that’s one less traumatic episode my body has to go through and one less stressful ordeal my friends and family have to deal with.

Many thanks to Gianluca Pirozzi and the scientists at Sanofi-Regeneron for making this happen. I may actually owe my life to them. I’ll be sure to post updates about my experience with the drug.

For those of you in a similar situation, here’s a great website which has a tool to help you navigate the world of compassionate use medications and the steps needed to acquire them.

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  1. Dia says:

    Woohoo Steve! Great news on the compassionate use front. I can’t wait for a full report or to compare note someday.

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