Thanks everyone !! for answering the call. I’ve already implemented most of your suggestions, including; Potassium Gluconate supplements and ” Salt Stick Electrolyte Caps” from Zombie Runners

I have a 16 mile walk scheduled for Wednesday and I really do plan on walking this walk….slow. That means NO RACEWALKING!! To quell any temptation, I’ll be wearing heavy duty running shoes instead of my usual low profile racing flats . I’ll also be setting my speedometer between 14:30-16:30 ( min/mile) instead of 12-13. Hey..I might even bring my camera along, that’ll surely slow me down.
I’m curious to see if a slower and much less physically demanding pace will put a damper on the cramps . It could be , that in these previous races, I went so fast that I just burned myself out . These long slow walks should give a clue. Complete report to follow…………….

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