A Breathinstephen public service announcement for those living with chronic medical conditions.

After spending the last two weeks in and out of the hospital , including 7 days in the ICU on a ventilator for asthma, I’m happy to report that despite being in close proximity to covid positive patients, that as of this morning I’m still Covid negative!

Im not saying you should be hanging around hospitals. In fact you shouldn’t be hanging out anywhere nowadays days. But, if you have a life threatening medical condition, including severe asthma or chronic lung disease and need emergency medical treatment, please don’t delay or put it off all together because of Covid fears. You could suffer serious consequences if you do.

The likelihood of contracting the virus just by being a patient in a hospital, is extremely low and Im here to assure that hospitals like UCSF, are taking extraordinary measures to protect both patients and staff. I’ve witnessed those efforts first hand and am so very grateful to all involved. I think the initial concerns about saving beds, PPE and other resources is not as dire as before, at least not here in Northern California.

And speaking of grateful, to all wonderful Nurses on and off the front lines,
Happy Nurses Day!

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