OK, I know I didn’t do my body any favors by walking a 9 hour marathon, but I really haven’t felt right since my 20 mile LSDs back in August. I don’t think my lungs have ever fully recovered from that bout which is making my attempts at racewalking, frustrating at best. Racewalking is what I do in the off season and if I can’t breath, I can’t racewalk…simple as that. I’m also having aches and pains that I’ve never had before, but I can probably chock that up to old age and the wonderful drugs that keep my alive.

Today’s 4.5 mile walk for example , was not fun. I ended up”regular walking” approx 90 % of of it, because I was too SOB (short of breath) to do much racewalking or even fitness level walking for that matter. I did manage to racewalk , maybe 100 feet on the downhill part of the bridge , but that’s not even enough distance to break out into a real rhythm. Then as I was walking up the last two block to my house, my heart rate suddenly shot up to 160 . I thought I was going to pass out or something. When I got home my peak flow had dropped from 450 to 220 and it took me 2 hours just to recover from a one hour walk.

What’s even more frustrating about all this , is that while my racewalking form has actually improved, I don’t have the breath to really bring it out or express it. I’ll get a nice rhythm going and then as soon as I step on the gas…Wham.. ..I start suffocating and I have to slow to a crawl to catch my breath . This really sucks! It used to be , that on an average breathing day , I could do some serious racewalking at a pretty decent clip for maybe a 100 hundred meters out of every quarter mile of regular walking ( well, serious for me) This past week, we’re talking ….50 meters per one mile TOPS! and even that small amount, wipes me out.

I hate to admit it, but today’s walk is more typical than not. My last string of “good days” was back in late August , and if you remember, it lasted a record 17 days in a row.
Since then, its been a mix of mostly yellows , reds and a few hospital days . I really hope things change soon because Im getting really depressed about this.

OK …I’m done whining now.

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