NB rc152
It’s the end of a shoe era and I’m kinda sad. New Balance finally did away with my beloved rc550’s and I’ve been forced to try out one of their ultra bright neon orange replacement models.Introducing my new NB rc152 racing flats!
Tried em out yesterday on my walk in San Francisco, and boy…..did I get a lot of double takes. Nothing like standing out in a crowd! But just imagine the stares I got when I began racewalking in them. The last thing a racewalker usually wants, is to draw attention to themselves.

Despite their glow- in- the- dark appearance though, they’re actually pretty cool shoes. They’re incredibly lightweight ( only 5.5 ounces ), and they have this special lacing system that tightens a band over your mid foot to prevent your foot from slipping inside the shoe. They’re extremely low profile and have a non-removable insert.
I walked 10 miles in them right out of the box, and except for some slight soreness on the ball of my left foot, I finished the walk without any blisters or major aches and pains. The bottom line, is that they are designed to haul ass !

Of course , when you buy bright orange shoes you have an outfit that somewhat matches, so I went out to Sports Basement and spent a ton on coordinated accessories .

In the future I think , I’ll reserve wearing the 152’s in more private surroundings, like my local bridge, or during a marathon race ,when I indeed, want people to notice me.

My beloved unassuming rc550’s

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