Check out my new walking jacket.

I can’t tell you how long Ive searched for a sleeveless jersey or jacket with pockets, that I could wear on cold days or long training walks and races without over-heating. As a marathon walker with major health issues, I also have to carry tons of stuff with me, but I hate wearing those bulky packs around my waste.

Well, I think I finally found the perfect solution. It’s called the “Thermal Velocity Vest” made by Specialized (the Bike people). This vest/jacket has pretty much everything I want in a cold weather training top. It has a large zippered pocket on the rear, and a sleek breast pocket on the front. But, what makes this vest special, is that it’s made of a breathable material to keep you cool, and at the same time , fits like a wet suit to keep your core body temp warm. And because it’s a vest, your arms can move freely, which is really important when you’re fitness walking or racewalking . I think it will work out nicely for training on those cold days or for walking a course like the Boston marathon, where the temperatures and winds can fluctuate so dramatically .

A little pricey as far as vests go, but I think worth it. If I’m breathing OK this morning, I’m gonna try it out.

vest 007

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8 thoughts on “Fancy Smancy Walking Vest

  1. Danielle says:

    Fancy! I'm asking for something like this for Christmas. It gets pretty darned cold here so I need something to keep my core warm but I also heat up quite a bit when I run so I think a vest like this one would be just the thing. Good luck on your walk today.

  2. kerri says:

    What kind of "cold weather" are ya talking about? 😉 [Just a little dig from a Canadian to a Californian :D]

    I'm also known for carrying wayyy too much stuff in my pockets–even though 90% of the time I have some other variety of bag with me LOL. Phone, iPod and puffer are always in the pockets though [and, right now is my Tim Horton's card, a receipt and my house key. Even though I have a backpack haha]

    Very cool vest though. Also, I enjoy how the majority of your modeling pictures are in that spot. 😀

  3. Oh ..I forgot about you Eskimos up there in Canada.

    I have a huge kitchen . It's the easiest place to set the camera down:-)

    1. kerri says:

      Yup, riding to school on dog sleds with our pet polar bears in tow
      And all we eat is maple syrup, eh Danielle? 😉

      1. Danielle says:

        Mmmm, I could live on maple syrup no problem Ker.

        Actually, I prefer to skate to school because my husky dogs make me itchy…. That's also the reason I have to keep my polar bear on a leash outside.

  4. Hi Danielle, It's just mind boggling all the stuff they have for running . You could go broke buying all the latest apparel and gadgets. There are several light weight running jackets out there that are more like windbreakers and might work better for you. I would think that with the freezing temps, that you would need better arm protection than could offered with a vest.

    Ive been finding that with this particular vest , that I still need to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath it when it's cold outside. When it gets above 50 degrees, I actually have to unzip the vest, cuz it gets too warm.

    Happy Running!

    1. Danielle says:

      Yeah, it's crazy what they have these days! Did I mention that my dad bought me a pair of fancy cold-weather tights while he was here? They are awesome and I love them.

      Thanks for the tips, I might look into a jacket instead. At 3 degrees (around 36F) I find I can just get by with layering tech tops but that's not gonna work for much longer!

  5. Elisheva says:

    As my mom always says when I get something new: "Wear/use it in good health!"… or at least as good health as you can, k? 🙂

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