I just want to take a few moments to honor the life of a good, kind person. His name is Jim Cady. The husband, father and best friend of one of my racewalking buddies, Vickie. Jim was a very kind, soft spoken, but courageous person.

An avid skier, Jim wasn’t a racewalker himself, but he would often come to San Francisco to cheer the rest of us on during our races. Jim also treated me to my first Giants Baseball game.

Surrounded by his family who absolutely adored him, Jim passed away on Feb 19th from an extremely rare form of lung cancer.

Jim was about my age, and though he had been battling his disease for years with weekly chemotherapy treatments, you never heard him complain about it. I was continually amazed by his perseverance, and somehow always figured that he would out live me.

Till we meet again Jim, addio amico mio!

[Jim, his wife Vickie, Me, Brandon and Rachel at the 2006 San Francisco Marathon]

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7 thoughts on “Farewell Jim

  1. kerri says:

    I'm really sorry to hear about Jim. I'll be praying for his friends and family in the tough times ahead . . .

    F**k cancer . . .

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss

  3. Vickie Cady says:

    Steve: Thanks for your wonderful farewell for Jim!

    1. Dear Vickie, I can’t imagine the emptiness and pain you must be going though right now. Just know that your friends are here for you. If you need anything, just call and I’ll drive down there.
      Love Steve

  4. Joey says:

    I'm sorry for your loss….I'll be praying for his family

  5. Danielle says:

    Very sorry for your loss Steve and Vickie as well. It is so hard when special people leave us. I'm here for you through cyberspace as always <3

  6. GayleMyrna says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend….

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