I’ve put in the miles, I’ve done the training, and my legs and stomach seem to be pretty much…. cramp free. Now , all I need is to stay in my green zone through next Sunday, so that I can walk my little ass off.

The reality that I’m actually going to do this….AGAIN , is finally starting to sink in. I’m excited , but at the same time, a little nervous. Have I forgotten the hell I put my body through trying to finish the Portland marathon? Wasn’t it me who swore I would never pull such a crazy stunt again?

Even though I’ve “technically” completed one marathon already, this one feels like the first. This is my redemption walk! I have to do this one to set the record straight and to prove to myself that when I’m having a good day , I can walk with the best of ’em. Hey..I’ll be happy just to finish again, but if by chance I come in under 8 hours, I’ll be elated.

Barring any last minute breathing problems, I leave for the 500 mile drive up to Eugene Oregon, this Friday and should return on Monday or Tuesday. I’ll be doing this entire trip alone, but perhaps I’ll bump into some familiar faces and/or make new friends at the Expo or on the course itself.

I’ll throw together a race report when I return from Oregon .

In the meantime, GOOD LUCK ! to all my friends who are racing at Big Sur , and a special “hats off” to my friend Hansi Rigney, for her fantastic performance at the London Marathon on Sunday.
You’re the best Hansi!

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