I was going to blog about a nicer topic this evening, but my breathing kinda put a damper on that. Ive been flaring mildly on and off all week, but on Monday afternoon my peak flows took a nose dive. In a matter of minutes my chest got really tight and my peak flows dropped from 350 to 190. A possible suspect for the flare -up could be allergies ,as my eyes having been bothering me too. The fact that I’m so tight and not wheezing, has me a little concerned.

It’s now 4 am Tuesday morning and I just emailed my doctors to tell them whats going on. Ive been awake all night trying to fight off this attack,but I’m starting to get a little pooped out. Ive been taking neb treatments every 30 minutes with only minimal relief and a few minutes ago I bolused myself with 60mg of pred. As crazy as it sounds, the only reason I haven’t gone to the ER yet, is because based on the way I’m feeling right now, they would for sure intubate me…yeah it’s that bad. I just can’t deal with the whole hospital thing again so soon. The thought of being jabbed and tortured with a million needles is a strong deterrent.

Its really difficult for me to update my blog to let people know how I’m doing when I’m sick or in the ER, but I always try to get word out ( my family reads my blog too). Hopefully this flare -up is more bark than bite, and I’ll shake it off by tomorrow. If not, number 95 might come sooner than expected. If I do end up in the slammer (it will say so on the sidebar), you can use this link to reach me.

OK.. I’m too short of breath to write anymore tonight. Everyone have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Flaring again?

  1. Joey says:

    I see that you lost the battle and are now in hospital..I hope this flare easies soon for you.

    You’re in my thoughts


  2. Oh STEVE!!! What AM I going to do with you, Silly?! I behave myself and read my homework … and miss this post! I know you know what to do and how to get through this … we’re all behind you, you’ve just got to somehow kick the lungs into gear … I can’t do that for ya, Luvvy!

    It’ll ease … sending you love, peace and strength from Mile High …

    Lizzy and Miss Bailey Boo, Too!

  3. Kerri says:

    Don’t know how I missed this!
    Sorry to hear you’re in prison again, Steve.

    I’ll be praying for you, dude. The streets of Bay City are missing you tearing them up with your racewalking!

  4. Pat Bass says:

    I hope you are doing better.

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