24 hours later–NO generalized body pain like I experienced last year, just those Damned calf cramps. …They’re killers! and I get them so frequently now.

The most likely cause is over-use of the muscle, but I’m sure I have an electrolyte imbalance as well (we all know, I don’t hydrate enough.) I’ve also heard that anti-cholesterol medicines (statins) , like Zocor (which I take) , can make you more prone to muscle weakness and cramps. Who knows……..

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2 thoughts on “Follow up on Yesterday’s walk

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Well, good job on the walk, though a 6:44 pace is, pardon me, almost unbelievable. It’s something I’ll have to see to believe. On the other hand, i was running a strong 9:00 pace today was being left behind by a racewalker. He was really good, very wiggly in the hips.

    You might look into getting some Enduralytes to help with the cramps.

  2. Steve says:

    Actually, I’ve recorded faster peaks than the 6:44.( per Garmin GPS) But then again , these fast paces last literally seconds.

    My fastest sustained pace to date, was only 9:50 and that lasted appx 100 yards.

    Thanks for the cramp remedy info !

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