If you’ve wondered why I haven’t been updating my blog as much lately, it’s because Ive been super busy with other projects. As strange as it may seen, there’s actually more to my life than racewalking and asthma. One of my other passions , is researching my Italian heritage and learning to speak “La bella lingua”. I’m referring of course, to the Italian language.

Though Ive completed 2 years of formal Italian classes in the not so distant past, as an older adult with limited access to other Italian speakers, it’s been a constant struggle to retain and use what little Italian Ive learned in school. I was starting to lose interest.

Well, a few weeks ago my brother, a language expert, suggested that I check out a this new language learning system called Fluenz. I went to the company’s website, did one of their sample lessons and became immediately hooked. The next day I went out and bought the program.

Ive only been futzing around with Fluenz for about 2 weeks now, but in that short time Ive already regained almost everything I had forgotten since quitting traditional classes, and my enthusiasm for continuing on with my language studies has been re-ignited. The challenge of learning a new language is fun once again. When’s the last time a software program patted you on the back for a job well done? This one does.

What makes Fluenz different from other software language learning systems, is that they tutor you in English. As adults, I think learning something new becomes much easier once we understand how something works. Fluenz accomplishes this by opening and closing each session with a video tutorial using a real person who reviews and explains everything that you’ve just learned… in English! With Fluenz there’s no guessing at what the teacher is trying to tell you. All of the comparisons are done in English. This is so different and so much easier than they way I learned in the classroom.

In addition to the lessons and the tutorials, they also incorporate a variety of repetitive, yet fun workouts, which employ some really sophisticated audio and video tools designed to help you better memorize, and put into use, the things you’ve learned in the lesson.
While much of what Fluenz teaches you is foundational, they do it in a way that’s relevant, engaging and completely useful in the real world. They don’t throw all the grammar rules at you at one time. Instead, they divvy them out as needed. The lessons are sequential, so that each one builds off the previous. You can check out a sample lesson here.

I rarely promote commercial products on my blog, but this is such a fun and unique approach to learning a new language, that I just couldn’t resist. All the hard work and pride that went into the development of this product really comes across when you use it.
Of course Fluenz isn’t the only tool you’ll need to master a new language. You still need to practice with real people every chance you get, but Fluenz certainly offers a good place to start, especially for adults.
The customer service people are awesome as well. They have live chat and quick email response .And so far, everyone Ive come in contact with have been courteous and have gone out of their way to find answers to my questions.

So, if you’re looking for a non stressful and fun way to learn a new language at your own pace, I highly recommend that you give Fluenz a try. The investment is worth every penny.

OK then, ” Ci vediamo in un’ altra volta!”

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3 thoughts on “Fun with Fluenz

  1. I might check this out. Even after having lived in Spain as a child, my ability to speak Spanish is very limited. My brain just does not absorb new languages well. Something like this might be helpful in helping me learn how to speak Spanish better.

    My son on the other hand….he learns languages so easily. He is fluent in Spanish and French and is learning Chinese for the Marines.

  2. mymusicallungs says:

    This is so cool. And it's also hopefully an activity you can do when you're not so well, you can lie back and just listen to learn. Might take your mind off the old lungs on occasion!

    Have to say-blonde moment here-I read the title, 'Fluenz' and thought you'd put up a post about some new anti influenza medicine you were trialling-so thats why I read it-talk about getting the wrong end of the stick!!!! So it wasn't Tamiflu or Relenza but Fluenz!


    Good Luck with it! xx

  3. wheezytux says:

    I would love to speak Italian but French is kinda my limit. I can speak some Spanish and that gets me by in Italy as the languages are pretty close. My dad always seemed to think if he just put an Italian accent on and spoke English all the locals would understand him!!!

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