Meet my friend Gayle Myrna. Gayle is a long time reader of mine and suffers from pretty severe asthma herself. Gayle is also an accomplished performer and songwriter.

She recently entered a songwriting contest presented by Billy Ray Cirus, the Country Music Association and DRIVE4COPD to promote COPD awareness. Gayle is probably one of the few entrants that actually has lung disease, so you know her song was written from the heart.

I hope you’ll show your support for this worthy cause and for Gayle’s song by voting for her.

You can vote for Gayle’s song here “Inhale the Future” You can sign up with your email address or log-in with your Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Gayle Myrna—Inhale the Future

  1. Gayle Myrna says:

    Hi Stephen: Thank you so much for the wonderful write-up. Even if I don't win, at least people can hear the song.
    Cheers and keep on keeping on!
    Gayle Myrna

    1. The pleasure is all mine. Do you have FB fan page?

      1. Gayle Myrna says:

        I do, but no one ever sees it or goes to it as it has the same name as my regular page. I usually refer people to so people can listen directly to the songs there. For musicians Facebook is not that good…there's no set up to display all your songs in one place as on myspace or You can upload random videos or song links, but these soon disappear into the ever rolling void of the "newsfeed" : ( .

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