Getting down to the wire..

One week from tomorrow, I’m supposed to be on a plane heading to Italy, but as luck would have it, looks like my lungs might have the final say as to whether that actually happens. As is usually the case when it comes to me and marathons or travel…. it’s gonna get down to the wire.

I started flaring- up about 2 weeks ago and haven’t really recovered since…at least not to my baseline. That, plus the inability to train the way I should be for this marathon , has put somewhat of a damper on my enthusiasm for this long awaited trip. Hopefully, I’ll turn the corner in the next few days and everything will seem exciting again. I would hate to have to cancel the reservations with my Italian hosts on such short notice.

In the meantime, I’m just gonna start packing and get things in order for the trip as if everything was normal. Man, you wouldn’t believe the planning that goes into a trip like this when you have serious health issues… especially when you travel alone. With just one suit case and one carry on to work with , I have to transport two separate stashes of medications, plus two separate nebulizer machines ( in case get my luggage gets lost, like it did last time). I also have to have multiple contingency plans in place, in case I get sick over there and need hospital care. I basically have to have a back up plan for everything I do when I travel. Not only costly, but a huge pain in the ass.

We’ll see how this all plays out by next weekend.

Oh..Almost forgot….as you can see , the old blog is getting a make-over. Should be finished in a couple days.

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2 thoughts on “Getting down to the wire..

  1. I really like the new format, Stephen; quite easy to read, very slick.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your health improves enough to go to Italy.

  2. Thanks Cris. When are you going to re-enable comments on your blog?

    That post you did on gastric PH test was like deja vu for me.

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