Either the steroids kicked-in and did their job OR , it was just coincidence and whatever was aggravating my symptoms, finally ran its course. In any case, I think I averted a costly hospital visit.

I’m still really fatigued, but I’m certainly breathing better . I plan to do a rapid taper and hopefully come off the prednisone without a hitch. The faster I wean off this stuff , the fewer the side effects I’ll have to deal with

Though I’ve only been out of commission for a few days, it will take me at least a week or two , to ramp back up to my regular walking routine. It amazing just how de-conditioned I become after just a mild exacerbation. Its like having to re-train for my distance walks, all over again from scratch…again and again and again. Get sick for a few days, re-train for a few weeks. The cycle never ends. I guess I’ll start with a half mile and see how winded I get. Then , everyday I’ll try to increase the distance until I’m back up to my threshold of about six miles.

Its very frustrating when you’re able to walk six miles with only moderate effort on one day , and then the next day you can barely walk six blocks without suffocating.

Fitness and distance walking is something I’ve chosen to do, no one is forcing me to do it. Its just a little more of a challenge when you’re constantly sick.

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One thought on “Half way back

  1. Brooklyn says:

    “What doesn’t kill you….”

    eh. BAH. never mind. stupid saying anyway.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, buddy. Get back on the horse and ride, Sally, ride!

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