Below are my hospital bills for 2019. These bills do not include doctors/specialist/diagnostic tests/out patient procedure or medication charges. (Those charges total just over $60,000. so far)

So how does this all get paid?

Fortunately, I have Medicare A&B which pays the bulk of these bills. Medicare part A is free. I pay a small monthly premium for Medicare part B, which covers 80% of the Doctor bills and outpatient stuff. I also have Medigap Insurance which I pay several hundred dollars a month for, which covers the portion of the bills , co-pays and deductibles that Medicare doesn’t cover. Finally, I pay for a Medicare drug plan, which covers a small portion of my medication costs. In total, I pay about $1000 per month out of pocket for my healthcare cost. It doesn’t leave me a lot to live on.

May 2019


Hospital Bill May 6th-16th
Hospital Bill May 26-27th

Hospital Bill March 2019


Hospital Bill March 14th-20th
Hospital Bill March 1st

Jan 2019

Hospital Bill Jan 10th-12th