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OK….This one took me totally by surprise. Your’s truly on the cover of WALK magazine along with my partners in crime, Brandon and Mike ( all Dave Mc Govern alumni) .
Two years ago, the thought of walking a marathon was wishful thinking at best, now I’m on the front cover of a walking magazine…walking my third one.
Who would’ve thunk!
I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool to see yourself in print, but it’s even more meaningful when the author is someone you really admire…. Thanks Dave !
AARC cover

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And then there’s this one , an article published in the AARC Times (American Assoc for Respiratory Care). The AARC Times is the professional trade journal for the Respiratory Therapist community with over 20,000 members and even more readers.
This article means a lot to me because it was written by, and for my peers in the Respiratory Care profession. (I’m actually a much better Respiratory Care Practitioner than I am a racewalker:-) Yup.. and I still have my license to practice.

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5 thoughts on “Hot off the presses.

  1. WOW!! Stephen, you completely rock! You’re setting the bar mighty high–not just for asthmatics, for everyone–for that, I thank you.

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