For those of you who thought I was kidding…No, it’s not a hotel, it’s my hospital.

But the poshness doesn’t end there.
The information counter at the front entrance looks more like the registration desk at a 5 star Hotel, and occasionally you’ll find a chamber orchestra playing in one of many the sitting areas like this one …..

John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA,  4-06-2011

Too bad they just couldn’t just hook me up to a ventilator here in the lobby when I get sick. Then again, the 40″ flat screens and fold out sofabeds in the all- private patients rooms is a nice touch too.

Oh, did I mention 3 story Atrium that opens up to the sky complete with waterfall and lush bamboo trees? atrium

Or how about the six gardens the adorn the towerโ€™s rooftops with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. 628x471JMMC_Expansion_7

The whole design of the place is supposed to be conducive to faster healing. Guess it’s really no surprise then that my hospital bill charges are so outrageously huge.

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7 thoughts on “Hotelspital

  1. Ohhhh :O
    I’ve never seen anything similar. Polish hospitals, even the best and the richest and in the biggest cities are simply… Poor.
    For compare – one of the most modern of our hospitals: – transplantation for children in my city.
    In my city most hospitals are beautiful, but only from outside.
    Inside the biggest problems are with toilets – very often they are dirty and there is no toilet paper…
    Do You have the same problems in US?

    1. Yes, we have hospitals like that here as well. UCSF in San Francisco is one of the best hospitals in the world, but the building is very run down and some of the patient rooms are very dirty.

  2. So, the same problems are all over the world. In Bosnian TV I watched news in last year – it was about Serbian hospital for new mothers and babies. Hospital wanted to save money, so they gave the cheapest clothes for babies. As a result, clothes very quickly became leaky ๐Ÿ˜‰
    In TV it was funny, but in reality I guess it wasn’t.
    The hospital, were is my pulmonologist, is quite good in the topic of sanitation. But there are hospitals, were sanitation is one big scandal.
    Do You have hot weather? I ask, because I saw weather forecast for world. We will have +36 degrees (96,8 F), in the US is also hot. We in Cracow have also problems with ozone because of hot weather, so it is difficult period for asthmatics.

  3. Holy. I know you’ve given me a brief video tour of the floors, but that is insane. Where’s the pool and margarita machine? ๐Ÿ˜‰ [In house music or not, stay far away!]

    Zim – last time I was in the emergency room, the bathroom in the observation area I was in was so gross. [Fortunately by the second time I went in, it had been cleaned].

    I can tell you, I’m about 99.8% sure you’d never find a Canadian hospital like that.

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