Last night at 10’o clock, this funny little creature found it’s way to our front door ….and our hearts.

Severely matted and totally filthy (with a hunk of dried poop on it’s rear), this once beautiful Persian kitty , was lost or somehow got away from its owner. He was obviously very hungry so we fed him and did the best we could to clean him up. After he ate everything in sight, he playfully began to roll all over the kitchen floor and started rubbing on everything as if this was going to be his new home.

Because we have three other indoor kitties ( one who is also a Persian), and not knowing if this cat was sick or belonged to someone else, we reluctantly decided to drop it off at the local animal shelter.We knew that they would at least get it cleaned up and checked out by a vet. So, at 11 pm we drove him to the local animal shelter and placed him in one of those night deposit cages along with a note.
We’d only known this funny looking thing for an hour and we were already getting attached it to.

After a sleepless night of wondering if we had done the right thing, we called the shelter first thing this morning and they assured us that if the cat is deemed adoptable, that we would get first dibs at giving him a nice home.( if the owner doesn’t claim him)
We should know by next week if he’s gonna be part of our crazy family.

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One thought on “How could you NOT fall in love with a face like this?

  1. Tara says:

    Okay . . . ADORABLE!!! :heart: :inlove: ^_^

    I LOVE CATS!!!

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