Ok… I think I will !

Well, after months of working out the logistics, and obtaining the medical waivers, today I received official confirmation. March 16th 2008, I’ll be walking the Maratona Della Citta Di Roma or by it’s english name, the “City of Rome Marathon” …… in Rome, Italy!

What better way to see ancient Rome, than to walk a marathon right through the middle of it…. Kinda like walking 2000 years back in time!
“Starting and finishing at the Roman Colosseum, runners and walkers will pass by all the the major landmarks including, the Vatican/St. Peter’s Square, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain”, etc etc.
How cool is that! Plus … I got great accommodations just 2 blocks from the starting line ( the Colosseum)

As you might imagine, this is quite an ambitious endeavor for me and not everyone is exactly thrilled with the idea (especially my pulmonologists). Traveling 6500 miles alone, to a foreign country with questionable air quality, and then to walk a marathon through it, has them a little concerned. I admit, a trip like this can seem a little daunting for a person with health issues, but we’re talking ROME baby!

Just getting getting there will be a challenge. Unlike my typical weekend /marathon getaways , this time I have to haul a ton of drugs and asthma paraphernalia half way around the world, and I have no idea of how my lungs are going to react to the climate once I get there. Heck, just staying healthy on the 12 hour flight over will be a trick, but these are risks I’m prepared to take on.

As for the marathon itself ? Their expecting a record turnout . Upwards of 25,000 runners and walkers for the marathon and 5K races. It’s also received excellent reviews by most people. A little different than most Americans are used to maybe (not as many creature comforts..such as toilets, water lol ), but they say that the scenery along the course, more than makes up for the lack of facilities–it’s breathtakingly beautiful! And except for the cobble stone streets here and there, the course is pretty much flat .The weather in March is supposed to be very nice and the air quality, though not as good as SF, is probably better than LA ….I’m not too worried about it.

I don’t know how many marathons I have left in me, but this is one I really want to do.

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3 thoughts on “How does the saying go?….. When in Rome…..

  1. Anita says:


    ROME is incredible!!! Oh, I hope it works out for you to go, what an amazing adventure and accomplishment that would be for you. BayCityWalker no more….Steve “International Racewalker!” Love it!

  2. Bob Gentile says:

    WOW WOW WOW A big Congrats to make the decision to do this Marathon in ROME… that will get u some good giddy up with some focused trainings…

    Look forward to ur journey towards 7 through ROME, very sweet Steve!

  3. runliarun says:

    OMG, Maratona Della Citta Di Roma, even the name of it is music, how splendid, how thrilling, and yes… how bold.

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