Roxlyn cole
I’d like to introduce you to three remarkable people. My friends, Mike, Roxlyn and John.

All have severe emphysema, all need supplemental Oxygen…..All are avid walkers and Mike and Roxyln…… are actual Marathoners!!!!

Not only do Mike and Roxyln walk/run races with oxygen cylinders in tow, but they do it at 10,000 feet above sea level. As you can see in the pictures ,they have to carry multiple oxygen tanks to get them through their long treks.

Mike Mc Bride athe Las Vegas Marathon

( Mike doing the Las Vegas Marathon)

Mike Mc Bride and Roxyln cole
(Roxlyn and Mike doing a race in Colorado)

Roxlyn cole Oxygen cart

Mike and Roxlyn hauling their Oxygen carts
Then there’s my friend John . He runs a popular COPD website from his home in the UK.
John was an avid mountain climber for 35 years before his lung disease put an end to it.
John has extremely severe emphysema , and at last report, had an FEV1 of only 15% ! As a Respiratory therapist and chronic lung patient myself, I find it incredible that someone with such a low FEV1 is able get a out of bed , let alone take one hour walks–, but John is an amazing person. He is currently awaiting on an experimental lung surgery which might buy him a little more time.

John Kirtley

( John in Venice , Italy 2006)
So…..whenever I start feeling sorry for myself cause I”m having a little trouble breathing, I think of people like Mike, Roxlyn and John, and what they must have to endure on a daily basis just to get through a day, let alone getting out there and exercising.
In my opinion, they are amazing people and true athletes . They have my utmost respect.

Be sure to check out Roxlyns blog and John’s website
Mike is planning on doing the Portland Marathon again this year, I hope to bump into him there.

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5 thoughts on “I am humbled ……….again

  1. Brooklyn says:

    Steve I just heard you’re back in the hospital. Get better soon, buddy.


  2. runliarun says:

    God, whenever I want to complain again, remind me of this.

  3. rick says:

    That’s just incredible. These guys should be in the cover of the popular exercise mags. Everyone could get inspired from this.

  4. Racewalker55 says:

    What can I say — but amazing and inspriring — Steve — you get better soon


  5. ken scott says:

    Nice blog – great idea and I have the dreaded COPD also … BUT … exercise makes all the difference. Thanks for showing Lyn – she is one of my favs!!

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