Except for yesterday’s walk, the rest of this walk week was just plain Bizarre.

Monday’s walk was the worst . My legs weren’t connecting with my brain. I felt like I was taking these tiny little steps . My shins were aching the whole way and I just couldn’t get any speed. Tuesday’s walk seemed like It was going to be better. I managed to complete 5 satisfactory miles when I realized that I had lost my cell phone somewhere along the way. Of course this stressed me out, worrying about someone charging a huge bill on it. So, I decided to go out looking for it and after walking an ADDITIONAL 2 miles, amazingly I found it! It was laying in the middle of the street and had obviously been run over by a car. I picked it up and the crazy thing still worked.

Wednesday I didn’t walk because I had medical appts. On my way over to the hospital, my mp3 player decided to die. Great ! Now I have to fork out another hundred bucks( for a cheap one) before I can walk again. Now I’m stressed again because I cant really afford another player but at the same time, I cant really walk without my music either. I have until tomorrow to buy another.

Thursday’s walk, I would classify this one as just a “plain ol 5 mile walk” I spent most of it fumbling around with the controls on my new mp3 player. Not paying any attention of what was in front of me , or how fast I was going or any of the things that I normally focus on. I

Friday, I wasn’t going to walk at all but, felt so guilty about my performance the previous 4 days, that I walked anyway. Turns out, this was my best walk of the week. I did 6 miles with fairly decent technique and an average pace if 13.2 . It felt good and I made it home in one piece unlike my mangled cell phone.

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