Whatever IT is, I must still have it, because today I walked 10 miles. And I couldn’t be happier about IT!

I think this tune kinda captures the mood for the day.
I’m Alive (by ELO)

Now, I’m not going to say it was easy, cuz it wasn’t. In fact, it was one of the most difficult training walks Ive done in a long time. My lungs got tight right off that bat, and by the time I got to the 6 mile mark, I was hitting on my inhaler every 5 to 10 minutes (12 puffs in all). Did I mention that a bunch of thunderstorms erupted and it poured down freezing rain almost the entire 2 hours and 43 minutes that it took me to finish the walk? ( shame on you weather man) Yup, I was soaked to the bone and wheezing like a punctured set of bagpipes, but I pushed on, and man… did I feel alive!

The last 3 months have been really rocky. Two hospitalizations in a 12 week period and never fully recovering from either one, had me feeling pretty down and unsure if Id ever be able to any long distance walking again. Well with today’s uncertainty eliminated, Ive regained some of that confidence and am ready to tackle the other 300 miles that I’ll need to walk to be ready for Boston.

Note to myself: I will definitely need to take a couple neb treatments during Boston and also during my longer training walks, because the inhalers just don’t cut it when I’m over exerting myself.

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5 thoughts on “I still have it !

  1. kerri says:

    YAY!!!!! 😀

    And the answer to this: "I wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with that “high” you get when you accomplish something that seems so far out of reach." is YES!!!

    This post makes me really happy. As do the smiley Steve pictures. I just pressed LIKE on it on Facebook :).

    Love you, EPIC STEVE!!

  2. Danielle says:

    Wooohooo! Enjoy the high my friend! That's really good news, good luck with the rest of your training.

  3. marsh says:

    you look like you were feelin good!!!!! and such a honest smile and achevment in your heart??? keep up the good work i'm cherin you on marsh

  4. Tammy says:

    You're inspiring! Yay! Great work and I am hoping your lungs will hold up for you.

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