Meet the Carmel class of 2007…. Yeah, that’s me in the center

(Can you tell there are Racewalkers in the house?)

And what a beautiful HOST !)

(OK..So I’m a little spoiled)

What a wonderful , but exhausting weekend. My lungs held out fine and I was able to participate in every aspect of the clinic, except the lactate threshold intervals. I even walked 26 laps around the track ( 6 miles) .
This years class was nearly triple in size and boasted some of the best female masters racewalkers from all over the country. In addition, we were lucky enough to have not one, but two coaches – — both national Champions!
Even though I wasn’t completely recovered from my last prison stay, I’m so glad I made the decision to go this clinic anyway. I learned so much from these guys, and of course, made a whole bunch of new friends.

(Me and Steve )

watch him walk

After spending less than 30 seconds analyzing my gait , Dave Mc Govern spotted the one major flaw in my technique that was holding me back. He demonstrated why it was wrong, and showed me how to correct it. After just 5 minutes I was walking better than I did all of last year.
According to Dave Mc Govern….I’m a “real” racewalker now. I’ve graduated from wannabe status to full fledged journeyman level. I was also given the distinguished title of “Most improved Racewalker”

From right to left..Ann, Anita, Dave, Sue and Me


(Brandon & Rachel)

And just for fun,

here’s a clip of Steve & Dave clowning around ( actually they’re racewalking pretty fast.)

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