Many of you might not know this, but my my sister Sheree is an accomplished author, a freelance writer and also a cancer survivor. She has written extensively about her experience with breast cancer, and found writing to be both emotionally and physically healing.

Along the way she met many others for whom this had also been the case.With much help, she recently launched a not-for-profit website, the “Survivor’s Review,” to encourage the creative expression of cancer survivors.

I hope you will find time to visit her new site at: and let her know what you think.

At the Survivor’s Review, they strive to publish stories, essays and poems about the cancer journey that are powerful, poignant and unflinchingly honest. They welcome your comments and suggestions.
Please help me spread the word about the “Survivor’s Review.” Most of us know at least a handful of survivors — all of whom might benefit from what science is just beginning to prove: Writing can be healing!

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