Despite all the difficult times, I’m very lucky to call this place my home. Close enough to the city center , so we never get bored, but far enough away so we can enjoy the quiet.

My great great grandfather was one of the first pioneers here, arriving in San Francisco from Ireland in 1848. He made his fortune by selling goods and real estate during and after the gold rush.

Yesterday , Douglas and I hung out at some of our favorite spots. The steroid taper is going well.

My Front yard:

My Backyard:

Inside My House :

At the request of my friend Kerri ( Sorry , only a few pics, as this is our private sanctuary.)

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3 thoughts on “It aint all bad

  1. kerri says:

    First comment didn’t post. (If you get 2, pick the better one.)
    1) First thought: LOL love the shoe pic!
    2) Second: What a beach! We don’t have radtastic beaches like that here either.
    3) Third: God, I wish my city were that beautiful.
    4) At this point, my face broke into a likely hillarious looking smile at my laptop when you mentioned my name and that we got to see inside your house. I want a museum house, too. Awesome.
    5) Winston just makes me smile. All there is to it. 😀

    Awesome photo tour. Thanks, Steve!

  2. gaylemyrna says:

    Hi: Enjoyed the photo tour of your home and environs. I lived in San Francisco for about a year…a r-e-a-l l-o-n-g time ago. Enjoyed it. Lived lots of other places, as well. Now I’m in the Inland Empire of Smog and Heat. Not real lung friendly : ( . I hope in a year or so to move to Portland, Oregon or someplace else away from this smog fest.
    Glad you’re doing better!

  3. Sus says:

    Great beaches and views, Steve, how wonderful to be right on the sea like that.

    Besides loving your tour and really enjoying your museumy house stuff, you know what kept going through my mind…..

    ….who dusts it all? LOL

    You can tell I’m a severe lunger when all I worry about is who is gonna dust the place!

    Sus xx

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