Well, Friday I’m off to Oregon to hopefully take another stab, at this, my most favorite walking event on the planet….”The Portland Marathon
I say hopefully, because I’m still not totally sure if I’ll be able to walk it. Though, I’m breathing OK, I’ve been having major problems with calf muscle pain/cramps . I’ll make that final decision on race morning.

The weather forecast also looks a little sketchy, but they say in the past 25 years, it’s only rained one time during the actual marathon— and that only lasted 10 minutes; gosh… I hope so.

While in Portland, I’ll be hooking up with a few friends from my Walkingfasterclub racewalking group who are also doing the marathon.We’ll be hanging out over the weekend, but will split up on race morning. All but one of them, that I know of, has major health problems or other physical disabilities, so just being able to finish this race will be a victory to many of us.
We decided that the first one in the group to finish the race , will buy dinner for the others. ….Guess I’ll be getting a free dinner;-)
It’ll also be a treat to see Anita out there buzzing around the course on her little scooter.

Last years finish time, if you recall, was nearly nine hours due to severe bilateral calf cramps that I suffered from the very start of the race –It was not a pretty site.
This year I was hoping for ( and trained for) a sub -7 finish, but once again, a recent asthma exacerbation put an end to that dream. In fact, I’ve been taking so much prednisone to get my breathing back in order in time for the race, that the legs cramps are back in full swing. I just hope they don’t cause a repeat of last years performance.
I really love this event and the city, and for once, I’d love to experience it without too much pain.

I have to tell you too….. that all of my lung doctors are totally against me doing this race ( or any other one for that matter.) They think it’s way too soon after a prison release, to subject my body to that much physical stress. And while they believe that moderate daily exercise is essential for a chronic lung patient, they theorize that these marathon walks might actually be triggering my more severe attacks…the usual catch 22.
I think they’re just erring on the side of caution . Cmon.. were only talking about a long and very slow walk.. .not a trip to the moon.
I think what they are really worried about, is that I sometimes ignore or don’t perceive the obvious warning signs of an impending attack . I have a tendency to continue to push myself regardless of how I’m feeling.

Hey, I’ve trained very hard for the past 4 months to prepare for this marathon, and if I’m breathing OK and not cramping up on marathon morning, then I’ll go for it. It’s what I love to do , and if I have to suffer the so-called consequences, so be it. As my friend Anita says…If you ain’t “whincin..you ain’t winning” !

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7 thoughts on “It’s that time again

  1. Stephen — best of luck my friend — my prayers are with you and I will be there in spirit cheering you along —- remember — listen to you body

    Cheers mate

  2. Good luck! Hope you have a good time and no cramping issues. If you have to lay off then do so. YOu should be proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish. True inspiration!

  3. Good luck, Stephen. You are inspiring! Go out and show the docs how it’s done :). Enjoy, and I really hope your legs will not be too painful.

  4. Steve –

    I’ll be thinking about you this weekend and sending really good vibes … from the Mile High City!

    You’re the engine that DOES … But listen to your body!

    Hugs and Love from Denver –
    Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

  5. Good luck and be cautious! Listen to those warning signs and slow down or bail out if you have to. But, here’s hoping you have an awesome race and a DRY day!

  6. Oh, I am do glad you are on, at least at this time. Exceptions acknowledged, doctors always err on one side or another. We will be rallying up together on the morning of October 7th, although in different places.

    Nevertheless, you will listen to the body. The body knows. I love the madness of your planning, and trust your common sense in enacting it.

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