Mississagua marathon
Been almost 3 years since my last one, figured it was about time to try again.

Not sure if I even have enough lung function left now to walk with any significant speed over a long distance, but Id at least like to give it shot. I’m waiting until after my SARP evaluation later this month, before selecting the actual distance to attempt. Another full marathon is probably out of the question, so Im looking more at the half or the 10K option.

UPDATE ( 2-13-2014). Well, that pipe dream didn’t last long. Seems my lungs are little worse than I thought. If Im able to do a race at all, it wont be more than a 5K. Stupid lungs.


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One thought on “Just for old time sakes

  1. kerri says:

    [Odd coincidence I always end up checking some sort of RSS tool around the time you blog ;)–and then, of course, forget to hit submit.]

    I’m super amped for this adventure!! :]

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