Just when I start to feel normal again……….

Today is the first day that Ive started to experience severe symptoms since I began blogging 2 months ago.. I must have picked up a bug while I was out of town. Having severe asthma symptoms is nothing new for me. I usually go through this crap 6-7 times a year no matter how well I take care of myself.

The problem is …..when I get a cold in my chest , it ALWAYS makes my asthma worse . I have very little lung reserve so, if the symptoms continue for more than a day or two, I usually end up in the hospital for a lengthy stay. I’m already on steroids so there’s not a lot more I can do (medication wise) to control my symptoms. My peak flows are still borderline so that’s good but, Im getting that ” pre-asthma attack feeling”, and that’s not good. So for the time being, all I can do is ride this out and cross my fingers that I wont have to “go-in” . In any case, Im way too short of breath to walk and will probably be out of commission for at least a week.

Stay tuned…………. btw, “go-in” is universal asthmatic lingo for ” Have to go to the hospital now” and the
“pre asthma attack feeling” , its subjective , kind of a syndrome that I experience prior to getting really sick. Includes, increasing SOB, air-trapping, chest tightness, sleepiness, extreme fatigue, changes in my voice , and a bunch of other weird things.

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