One of the biggest problems of having asthma and living in a 120 year old Victorian house, is trying to keep the dust at bay. It’s not an easy task when you also have 3 indoor cats.. The fur collects everywhere. Now I know what you’re thinking…You’re an asthmatic and you have CATS? While my lungs are extremely sensitive to dust mites and other air-borne allergens, surprisingly, I’m not allergic to cat fur or cat dander, and therefore I choose to keep my furry feline friends. Nevertheless, pets create a lot of dust, so I vacuum frequently and I try to keep them out of my sleeping space.

Here are some of things Ive done to try to reduce the amount of dust in the area of the house in which I spend most of my time.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the dust out.

  1. Hey Steve –
    I’ve been using those pillow covers since I moved to Colorado. They became more important when I was protecting my house from bed bugs a handful of years ago. You never think about it until you spend time in hotels!
    Speaking of that … ONE MONTH (and a smidge) Until San Jose … and you’ve been out of Prison for 44 daze … Looking to see you hit first 50 then 100 daze!!!

    Love you –

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