Last weeks PFT results….hot off the press.

The numbers indicate that my overall lung function has declined another 10% since last checked back in September of 2005 . I’m now base-lining at around 35- 40% of normal. And while the results indicate pretty severe fixed airway disease (non-reversible asthma) , you sure wouldn’t know it by looking at me. Though, Ive slowed down a bit, I continue to function remarkably well for one who falls in this category .
I think it’s safe to say , that all this walking really has made a difference. Otherwise you would expect to see a much faster rate of decline.

The next problem to tackle , is the pulmonary hypertension thing ( the high blood pressure in my lung arteries.) Actually, this problem is more troublesome to me than my lung disease. Ironically….. too much walking might be making this problem worse. We’re going to discuss treatment options ( if any) at the end of the month.

As my friend Brandon would say……………………CHARGE ON!

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