…….and the cramps, the blisters , the sunburn, the sore muscles…..all that good stuff.

It’s time to dust off the Loco’s ( my LDS shoes), cuz this week I begin mileage building for the Eugene marathon. I’ve only got 4 months to prepare this broken down body for that long-ass walk, so I can’t afford to miss even a single week of training. If I get a prolonged asthma flare during this training period, especially during the high mileage weeks, it’s gonna make things really iffy. Preparing for one of these races has always been a gamble for me, so all I can do to increase the odds in my favor , is to learn from previous mistakes, and to train, train…train.
My goal this year is finish at least one marathon in under 8 hours

I chose a 14 week modified training schedule to get in shape and plan to do most of the LSD’s in San Francisco again. This time around I’ve decided NOT to do that extra 20 miler which I believe was over-kill and contributed to the persistent muscle cramping problems I had in Portland. I think for me, a rapid build up to 20 miles and then a rapid taper works best. More important though, I need to focus on adequately hydrating everyday , do some serious strength training, and of course, take plenty of rest days. This will also be the first time I’ve trained for a race during the winter and spring months….should be interesting.

This year’s training will be tricky because not only am I dealing with crappy lungs and the constant threat of leg cramps, but now I also have an inflamed rotator cuff in my right shoulder. It’s very painful and keeps me awake at night. It’s also makes it tough to racewalk or to walk for extended periods. (On the 29th I have an appointment to see if if the cuff is actually torn) In any case, I’ll be dealing with some sort of shoulder rehabilitation while training for this marathon walk.

As far as the leg cramps go, I plan to do everything I can to prevent them. I’ll be taking extra calcium and Calciferol (a vitamin D supplement), to enhance the calciums absorption. I’ll also eat a daily banana and take E-caps and extra gels during the longer walks. I’ve never been a water drinker. I’m not one of those people you see who always have a water bottle in their hand, but this year I hope to change that. I’m going to force myself to drink at least 6 glasses of water and/ or gatorade a day while training ( last year I was lucky if I drank 3 glasses a day).

Something I’m not doing this year, is taking the Garmin along. I tend to focus too much on my pace and elapsed time when I’m wear that thing. Last year I was doing my slow walks way to FAST. This year I’m going to stick to the 16-18 min mile and save the marathon pace for the marathon.

The fun begins this Thursday with an 8 mile walk from the Ferry building to the Marina and back. Im so glad I have a beautiful walking city available to me in my own backyard.

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