1. Jan 12th——15 miles
  2. Jan 19th——-8 miles
  3. Jan 26th——18 miles
  4. Feb 2nd——12 miles
  5. Feb 9th——-20 miles
  6. Feb 16th——10 miles
  7. Feb 23rd——8 miles

These are my long slow distance days ( LSD’s) for the next two months.
I “G-Mapped” some of my routes in case you ever find yourself in the SF area and want to do some fantastic walks.

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4 thoughts on “LSD’s for the next 7 weeks

  1. Tammy says:

    Ahhh, would be really nice to walk in your fair city. Great scenery there. I guess we do have nice snowy mountains here, so it’s still pretty, but I love SF!

  2. Ms. Lizzy says:

    Maybe that’s your next project – creating Steve’s Best of SF for Racewalkers!

    Looking forward to doing a few miles with you next time I’m home!

    Rome isn’t going to know what hit it when you blow in to town!

    Walk On!!!

  3. Racewalker55 says:

    Awesome job Stephen — congrats on the cover of Walk Magazine — proud of you my friend — I am first in line for the autograph — BTW –Dave McGovern is going to do a weekend clinic at my store the weekend of June 6-8/08 — why dont you make a weekend trip to Toronto???? Got a spare room with your name on it


  4. Tammy says:

    Stephen… congrats on making the cover of WALK. I haven’t received my copy yet, but I have heard all about it from Allan’s blog, so I wanted to congratulate you! Can’t wait to read the article.

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