I thought this was so clever.

A while back a good friend of mine from Toronto, asked me if I could she use one of the images I had of some mast cells and lung tissue that was collected from my airways during an earlier bronchoscopy. She was going to somehow use them for an art project.

Well, last week she showed me the finished project. It’s pillow she made for a colleague of hers. Pretty cool, eh?

pillow ,Dia

If you look very closely at the pink outer circle of the panel at the far lower left, you can see the microscopic image of my airway cells, taken from a slide created by Dr Wenzel during SARP back in 2009. The pattern continues on in the background of pillow.

my cells

Here are the actual slides.

4-05-2014 UPDATE: She made a pillow just for me !

Dia Pillow

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One thought on “Lung Art

  1. DSWS says:

    The inner hexagon on the top left hand circles is also of your cells. They are just so cool! Thanks again.

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