Yesterday I walked my regular six mile loop , and except for that fact that I lost my inhaler somewhere along the way (which made me extremely uneasy the remainder of the walk ), it pretty much mirrored Wednesdays walk—Short of breath the entire way.

My lungs are still far from back to normal ( my normal) , as I find it extremely difficult to inject , even small amounts of racewalking into my workouts. This is decline is worrisome to me because I can’t rule out the possibility that this temporary dip in lung function might not be so temporary. I’m already operating on the equivalent of one lung , so even a slight decline (transitory or not ),can spell disaster for my racewalking plans.

With only two months left to train for the SF marathon, I need every bit lung power that I can muster , or I can kiss that sub 3 hour finish goodbye. I’m no longer satisfied with just finishing, I want to finish fast….a lot faster!

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One thought on “Lungs …Don’t fail me now

  1. Sandra says:

    Be careful Steve, you will get there and finish that marathon in less than 3 hours. I know you will, but try and be patient for a little while your body has gone through an aweful lot lately. Keep your spirits up, things will get better.

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