It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride , Thank goodness for some compassionate friends and a walking habit that I can escape into.

Wednesday , I have a full 8 hour day of medical appointments including some new allergy testing , some more pulmonary function tests, A nitric oxide test ( that’s a new one for me), a bunch of blood tests and finally, a Pulmonology visit.

Thursday, I have my last long walk (10 miles) then it’s taper time until the SFM which is only 18 days away. I hope I can stay in the green until after race day.

Saturday, My Mom is spending the weekend with us , so it will be “Manilow catch up time” . She still hasn’t seen herself on the Music&Passion DVD ( we were there for the PBS taping last December)

Sunday, I’ll be the cheering section for a friend’s first half marathon.

Next week, Still hectic, more medical crap, a few shorter walks and some home improvement stuff.

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One thought on “Making busy

  1. Anita says:

    And you were an incredible cheering section at that!

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